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Our Undertaking

The world we live in is changing and so must we. That’s why our Goal at Elite is to work with companies that either have, or are working towards the bio commitment required to help improve our carbon footprint. Whether it’s biodegradable packaging, organic, sustainable & responsible sourcing, or an ethical approach with a social commitment. Our mission is to work towards providing as clean a product as possible with environmentally friendly logistics. Above all, to do this with a Passion and Commitment and giving the ultimate customer service.

How we work

We at Elite are looking for companies who are interested in either growing existing business or, entering the UK & Ireland market.

With over 60 years of experience in the Bakery, Ice Cream, Foodservice, and Confectionery sectors, we have a wealth of knowledge and extensive contact base that we can utilise to identify and create opportunities for prospective suppliers. We work on two business models B2C and B2B. Though we are not a distributor, we have established a distribution channel, where we can either sell through E-commerce from the website or by using our mature database physically selling at the grass root level with a B2C philosophy. 

Our B2B model operates by way of developing managing, facilitating, and growing your business to increase both Reach and Penetration. Once again, using our constantly developing database, we will define prospect and open communication, focusing on SME’s, Semi to Industrial producers, and processors in the food sector.  

Whether you have an existing business that you want to grow, but don’t have the resource, or are looking for a find a Route to Market to establish your products in the UK & Ireland, through Wholesaler, Distributor, Retail, B2B, or B2C please contact us and……………………….

Let’s Work Together