Cake Decor & Glazes

Cake Decor & Glazes

Cake Décor


Gold Ice
RTU Bakeable Cake Décor powder Mix
A beautiful Bend of Almond and Hazelnut Flour
Add to your Cake and Bake to give an excellent Visual topping Finish




Bling Glaze
Powdered Pastry Glaze
Simply add water
Excellent shine Qualities
Freeze stable and Sprayable
Long Shelf Life


Bling Glaze Vegan
As Above Vegan Version


Glassy Glaze
Powdered Gloss Glaze Mix
Extremely Versatile
Add Hot Water, Fruit Puree or Chocolate
To Produce a Beautiful glossy Finish


Glasse Décor Glaze
SemiFreddo Liquid RTU Glaze
Heat and Apply
Brilliant shine qualities
Available in Neutral and Flavoured