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The National Food Strategy could transform young people’s diets (
Part II of the National Food Strategy was published in July as part of a ‘once-in-a-lifetime opportunity’ to break Britain’s addiction to junk food.

Organic Food Statistics About the 2020 Market (Infographic) (

Organic food options are becoming a staple in grocery stores as more consumers show an interest in a healthier lifestyle and becoming more ecologically aware. 

Below are the leading organic food statistics that reveal the reasons for this industry’s growth and the future trends that consumers can expect.

Steep rise in UK’s consumption of organic food | Organics | The Guardian

Soil Association announces largest year-on-year increase in sales of natural products in 15 years. Organic food consumption has soared in the past year across the UK, as people have eaten in more and sought higher quality food, driving the biggest year-on-year increase in sales in 15 years.

Global Organic Food Market Data And Industry Growth Analysis (

The organic food market consists of sales of organic food and beverages and related services. The production of organic food involves practices that promote ecological balance and aim to conserve biodiversity. These food products do not use any food additive or industrial solvent.

The organic food market covered in this report is segmented by product type into organic meat, poultry & dairy, organic fruits & vegetables, organic bread & bakery, organic beverages, organic processed food, other organic products.

Biodynamic Food Nutrition (

Foods now display a variety of different seals to certify they are produced with sustainable, fair-trade or organic agriculture practices. “Biodynamic” is another certification that claims to go beyond organic and other green agricultural methods.