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Why is there a demand for organic chocolate?

A rise in health consciousness and consumers’ awareness about the demerits of consumption of chemical-containing products is supporting the sales of organic chocolate in the global market. , Market Scenario, Escalating demand for clean-label products is encouraging the chocolate manufacturers to enter the organic chocolate market.

How much is the organic food market in the UK?

Sales of organic food and drink in the UK rose by 4.5% last year to a record t2.45bn, fuelled by strong growth online and in-home delivery, and outpacing a sluggish food and drink market overall. How much does chocolate confectionary sell in the UK? This statistic presents the total sales value for chocolate confectionery manufactured in the United Kingdom (UK) from 2008 to 2018. ln 2017, the sales value of chocolate confectionary amounted to approximately 207 million British pounds.

ls there a market for organic ice cream?

The organic ice cream market has been skyrocketing in the past decade and is expected to hit USD1.2 bn by 2A24. according to a Global Market Insights report,  As said earlier, organic ice cream is made using ingredients that are organically cultivated.


Increasing demand for clean label products

Escalating health-conscious among consumers Current

T/O for UK organic Food & Drink 2.45bln

Annual growth 4.5%